Solar Energy is Powering South Florida

Unmatched by any other kind of energy, solar power is ideal for people looking to reduce costs on utility bills and to use a clean source of energy as well.

Solar energy is derived from radiation that comes from the sun, which makes it a renewable energy. It’s used by converting it into electrical or heat energy, and with our advanced panel technology, you can harness much more radiation. There are many advantages that come from using solar energy to power your home.

The most obvious benefit that comes from switching to solar energy is that it’s cleaner and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels. Moreover, solar energy results in less carbon dioxide emissions and the production of greenhouse gases. Moreover, solar energy systems take up considerably less water to be maintained.

Although the process of installing solar panels may incur a high cost, you’d be surprised to know that you’ll be getting a significant return on your investment through a reduced utility bill. This is because you’ll be producing your own energy and be using less of that which comes from the utility service.

There’s also a likelihood that you can begin to make money as well. If you begin to produce excess energy, it can be sent back to the grid, you can sell energy! Complete the form on this page to schedule a free consultation!

With USA Home Improvement, you won’t have a hard time getting started. You can call us now for a free quote or even consult our solar power specialists as to how you can get started. Your home will be greener, more efficient and self-sustaining with our solar panels.

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Client Testimonials

Reduce your energy bills with 100% financing for Home Improvement

We Make Switching to Solar a Breeze

Here at USA Home Improvement, we rely on a hard-working attitude, experience, and seamless communication to help you live comfortably. You can leave behind the days when a simple service call would turn into instances of untimely visits by service workers and engineers. That’s because we make it a simple and easy process that doesn’t disrupt you or your family’s lifestyle.


Every process starts out the same, whether you’re getting a new Solar System, Roof or Impact Windows, it all begins with an inspection. Whenever you contact us for a Free consultation, we’ll start off with a thorough inspection and evaluate the energy consumption of your property.


Along with information off of your Utility Bill, we will evaluate your HVAC unit, Roof, Attic Insulation and any possible Windows leaks in order to prepare and energy efficiency package. If you’re thinking of getting solar power, our engineers will determine as to whether or not your home is suitable and can harness all that energy.


Depending on the improvements you decide to go with we will design the project for your approval. Using new technology we will find out how much panels you will need, the size of your Roof and how much Attic Insulation is missing.


Once that’s complete, our expert will present his report and design to you. He will go over and explain all the savings and rebates you will be entitled to. Also, he will show you the different brands and materials we offer for you to choose from.


Today there are many programs and funding available for homeowners who are looking to “Go Green.” We will check to see if your property is eligible for PACE and go over the benefits of using PACE to fund your project. We also offer other forms of loans which are based on your credit.


Once the plans are pulled and materials are delivered, we will schedule the installation. Our Project Manager will update you throughout the project and assure that every step is handled accordingly. We guarantee %100 satisfaction on all our services. Our staff will not stop working until you are completely satisfied.