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Power up your home using the cleanest source of renewable energy on Earth.

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What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are devices that absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into a powerful, energy-efficient source of energy. Solar power is unmatched by any other kind of energy, as it’s the cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy in the world.

Solar panels are designed to generate electricity or heating using the sun’s rays. Through solar energy, you can power your entire home using the most powerful source of light available – the sun!

Be Energy-Efficient
How Solar Works

Solar panels work by allowing particles of light, or photons, from the sun’s rays to generate a flow of electricity. They comprise of many small units called photovoltaic cells, which allow the panels to convert sunlight into electricity or heat energy. 


These photovoltaic cells, or solar cells, are made from silicon – a semiconductor that is the second most abundant element on earth. These solar cells establish an electrical charge, much like a magnetic field, when the negative and positive silicon layers combine together.

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Energy Saver

Why Solar Panels?
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Unlike all other energy sources, solar energy produces zero pollution. The sun’s abundant power of light offers an unlimited source of clean, pollution-free energy to power up your home or commercial property.

Save On Energy Costs

This clean, renewable source of energy has become the way of the future. Installing solar panels in your home not only reduces your carbon footprint, but it also saves you money on your energy bills.

Control Your Electricity

Given South Florida’s hurricane seasons, your home may be susceptible to power outages. With solar panels, you can store enough electricity to power your home without having to worry about annoying power outages.

Benefits of Solar Panels

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Renewable Energy
Solar energy is a 100% clean, renewable energy source that reduces reliance on coal, oil, and natural gas for electric and heating production.
Qualify For Tax Breaks
The federal solar tax credit gives you a reduction against your federal income tax. This means that you can receive substantial tax breaks yearly.
Energy Savings
Installing solar panels can significantly offset your utility costs. In fact, you can even eliminate your monthly utility costs entirely!
Environmentally Friendly
Solar energy creates clean power that benefits both you and the environment. Solar energy is well known to have a favorable impact on the environment as a whole.
Increase Home’s Value
Installing solar panels can increase your home’s property value. So, if you ever decide to sell your home later, you could potentially make a profit.
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