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5 Signs To Identify If You Have Impact-Resistant Windows

When you decide to install impact windows, vinyl, aluminum, and wood are the materials you will likely choose. Aluminum is one of the strongest impact windows. Vinyl and wood are excellent materials to keep your home insulated, but they are no match for aluminum. Don’t be deceived by the lightweight material. Its weather-resistant material is designed to protect your home from hurricanes and can also preserve the temperature inside your home.

As a homeowner or business owner, you want to install durable windows that withstand severe weather. Here are the keys to determining if you have the right impact windows to stay intact after dealing with a hurricane with powerful winds.

Look for a permanent mark in one of the glass corners

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One of the ways to dictate if you have weather-resistant impact windows is to look for a permanent mark on one of the corners of the windows. A frosted marking shows that it differentiates from standard windows. Wherever you see the mark, you should see information such as a supplier’s name, fabrication place, manufactured date, and certification that intel details its safety standard. Unlike impact-resistant glass, standard glass comes with a label that sticks on a surface. Manufacturers want you to know that you are purchasing impact windows. Impact-resistant glass is time-consuming to make and requires high-cost materials to make.

If you place standard glass and impact-resistant glass next to each other, you will notice the difference. Impact-resistant glass is thicker because it consists of two sheets of glass and durable plastic. In contrast, standard glass is a mixture of limestone, sand, and other materials.


Check for a label on the glass

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Depending on the glass shape, the permanent mark could have been removed during the manufacturing process. You can still indicate whether or not a material is impact-resistant by looking for a label. On this label, you will see all the information stated about the glass, such as the supplier’s name, manufacturers, and ratings.


Ensure that the windows are made for any weather conditions

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Once you see all the information about the glass, you can determine if it will be suitable for your home or office space. The rating on the glass should indicate what type of glass will be best for your property. There are different types of glass of all shapes and sizes that can withstand hurricanes from Category 1 to Category 5.

One of our professional installers can help recommend what type of glass will be best for a specific area in your home.


Inspect the reflection in the glass

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If you can’t find a permanent mark or label with details about impact-resistant glass, the last option is to hold an object up to the glass and look for a reflection. Impact-resistant glass consists of two layers. Therefore you should see multiple reflections in weather-resistant impact glass.

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