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3 Types of Roof Damages You Need To Fix Before Hurricane Season

Blue tarts on a roof are one of the most common things you can expect after a severe hurricane hits South Florida. If you have driven down a residential area and seen blue tart on several homes after a storm, you know the damage it can do to a roof. Roof repairs are not the type of repairs that you should procrastinate on. Delaying repairs can lead to critical injuries that will cost you more later. If you have a shingle, tile, or metal roof, it will need a replacement or repairs. If you see changes in your home, like leaks or insulation issues, check if any of these types of roof damages are the cause.


Water Damage

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Leaks and wet walls are signs that you have water damage on your roof. Mold grows in your home due to leaks, causing destruction to your home and leaving your family susceptible to health issues. As a homeowner, determining the cause of a collapsed roof is challenging and frustrating when you don’t know where the problem is coming from.

If you find out that you have an impaired roof, it can lead to other damages in your home. Therefore, repair cracks on your ceiling first. If the root of water damage comes from your roof, fixing it eliminates further damage in other areas in your home. Severe destruction to your roof cause collapse and sagging ceilings, which ruins the structure of your home.

Water damage also results in destroying your home insulation and wooden beams. When you notice that your home is not staying warm in the wintertime, it could indicate that your roof is impacting your home’s insulation.


Puncture and Cracks

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Poor installation is one of the leading causes of punctures and cracks on your roof. If you have not fixed an improperly installed roof for years, your roof damage magnifies. South Florida homeowners who have experienced Hurricane Andrew know how significant it is to have a roof in good condition. Flying debris from winds speed going 100 mph can have the potential to cause punctures and cracks on your roof.

Check your roof twice a year to view its condition. Inspecting your roof can help you tackle issues that could drastically damage your roof.


Loose and Broken Shingles

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Shingles roof can last up to 25 years with the proper installation. However, it is subject to damages from strong winds when installed the wrong way. Extreme heat to shingle roofs can cause the material to degrade, so keep a close eye on hot temperatures in the summertime.

Although your shingle roof can last for years, keep it clean to ensure it stays in good condition. Getting rid of dirt can reduce the risk of algae, moss, and fungal on your roof.


Cupping and Curling On Shingle Roofs

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Cupping and curling are a sign that there are damages to your roof. Roofs with cupping damages have a hollow center, forming a cup. Curling damaged roofs have edges turned up while the center is flat.

It is vital to seek professional help for your roof to prevent it from becoming an ongoing issue. Call USA Home Improvement at 866-884-8389 to book an appointment to repair any damages on your roof.