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Door Replacement

How do you know if you need to replace your doors?


If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to open or close your door effectively, then you may need an entry door replacement. Over time, doors may be subject to regular wear-and-tear, especially if you use your front door frequently. Doors may also be susceptible to air leaks, which can wreak havoc on your energy costs. When mother nature takes its toll on your front door, it’s important to get ahead of it. Maximize your hurricane protection and security by installing hurricane impact doors in South Florida.

Door Damage

If your door has dings, dents, cracks, water damage, rust, or other damages, then your door may be compromised. Intruders may see your damaged door as an easy opportunity for a future break-in since damaged doors are vulnerable to future damages. This can also cause air leaks, making your door less energy-efficient and causing you to pay more in energy costs. Make your home safer and more secure by having your door replaced with a hurricane impact door.


Aside from the energy-efficiency and home security concerns, having a door that looks presentable is a significant factor. Beyond your roof and landscaping, your front door is the first thing that people will see when visiting your home. Even if you use your garage door more frequently than your front door to enter your home, you must maintain the upkeep of your home’s exterior.

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Hurricane Impact Doors Florida

The Florida Building Code states that impact doors and windows are required for new homes that are located within 1 mile of areas where the wind speed is 110 mph or higher. Whether you live in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach County, these building codes apply. South Florida homeowners should be aware of this rule, as well as the many benefits of having impact-resistant doors installed in their homes. 

The impact-resistant glass is ideal for withstanding destructive winds and harsh weather conditions. The glass is much more difficult to break since it’s designed to resist heavy blows from a hurricane or tropical storm. 


Energy Efficiency

One of the most common goals of replacing your doors is to maximize your energy efficiency. Every month, you lose money on your energy costs – money that could be used on something more important. The ultimate aim is to pay the least amount of money on energy bills as possible. 

A Florida’s hurricane impact door keeps the outdoor elements outside of your home, while also preventing unwanted heat exchange, outdoor noise, and even potential intruders. The amount of energy that’s used to heat or cool your home will not be wasted when you have impact doors fort lauderdale installed in your home. The best energy efficient impact doors act as a seal between the inside and outside of your home. 

Minimize your energy costs and lower your carbon footprint with energy-efficient impact doors fort lauderdale Many of the products that we work with offer multiple opportunities to achieve energy star ratings and improve energy performance to the maximum degree.

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Benefits of Impact Doors

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Hurricane Protection

Impact doors provide the ultimate hurricane protection, as they’re built to withstand the force of strong winds, harsh rainfall, and flying debris.

Noise Reduction

Built to create a tight seal around the frame of your doorway, impact doors are designed to reduce everyday sounds that enter your home.

Energy Savings

With increased energy-efficiency comes significant savings. These doors provide an energy-efficient solution that reduces energy costs.

Insurance Benefits

You can receive huge savings on your insurance premiums, as well as increase the value of your home when you install impact doors.


Impact doors provide an aesthetically elegant and versatile enhancement to the overall look of your home or commercial property.

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