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How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

South Florida homes are prone to having water enter inside of its home due to the humid and severe weather conditions. Mold can widen throughout your house and become a challenging issue for your family's health and home. Mold lives in moisture, so it's important to keep your house dry to prevent mold from expanding inside of your home. When you notice mold starting to grow, implement these tips.


Make sure your home has proper ventilation.

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Keeping your home dry is the key to preventing mold inside your home. Turning on a ceiling fan is an option for keeping your home ventilated. Ceiling fans can release the stiffness inside a room and get air flowing again. In most South Florida homes, ceiling fans are the standard in the backyard patio, bedroom, and living room areas.

After cooking in your home, turn on the range hood to prevent moisture from lingering in the air. The heated air that comes from cooking increases the humidity inside of your home. Open the door and windows to let in the fresh air to cool and dry your house down.


Fix any leaks that you have at home

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Water dripping inside your home will increase the chances of getting mold. Whether it's a leak in your window or a leak on your roof, it is best to fix it right away to prevent further damage to your home.

Call a professional when you notice a leak inside of your home. They can inspect the problem to see the proper way to fix it. Depending on the situation, you may have to get a new window replaced or need some repairs to your roof.


Clean up Moldy Spots

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Suppose you notice a small spot of mold on your walls. Clean it up to prevent it from spreading throughout your house. Simply clean the area with a spray bottle of water and a sponge or rag.

To thoroughly clean the mold, you can use more aggressive cleaning solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, distilled vinegar, and baking soda. Be careful if you use a harsh chemical like bleach to kill off the mold.


Avoid this to prevent mold.

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Don't leave wet clothes in your dryer or washing machine. This can leave room for mold to grow inside your appliances. After washing your clothes, take your clothes out of the washer machine or dryer. Incorporating this new habit will ensure that you have dry clothes ready for work the next day and keep your washing machine mold-free.


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Mold can grow anywhere in your home. To prevent mold from spreading in your home:
1. Ensure its ventilated.
2. Fix any leaks that can cause mold to extend on your walls and roof.
3. Clean all the moldy spots on the walls with a water spray bottle and sponge.
4. Don't leave wet clothes in your dryer or washing machine when doing laundry.

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