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How Strong Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Why You Should Consider Hurricane Windows

Every year, hurricanes bring devastating damage to homes across the country. The ones that survive have been properly prepped for the storms. People use many approaches to protect their houses from hurricane damage. One of the most critical tasks is to protect your windows. Some people board up their windows, while others use hurricane fabric or hurricane shutters.

One of the most effective ways to protect your home from hurricane damage is to install hurricane proof windows. USA Home Improvement has helped many homeowners install hurricane impact windows & doors on their houses. If you're wondering if this is the right choice for you, check out the information below.

Why Are Broken Windows So Dangerous?

When a hurricane is brewing outside of your home, the air pressure outside is building. Your closed windows prevent the air pressure outside from entering your house. The danger comes if one of your windows is hit by debris from the storm, causing it to shatter. When that happens, all of the high-pressure air from outside rushes into your house. This extremely fast buildup of pressure can cause massive destruction in your home, potentially leading to collapse or severe damage.

Hurricane Windows Resist Shattering

Hurricane windows are much stronger than regular windows. They consist of two pieces of laminated glass that are sealed together with a super-tough resin in the middle. The installer places each window into an aluminum frame that is strong enough to hold and secure it. This construction makes the glass so strong that it's practically impact-proof during a storm. Even if the glass does happen to break, it will be extremely difficult to shatter. That strength will help ensure that the window stays strong during the height of the storm, despite all the debris coming at it.

The Frame Is Just as Important

The frame is just as important as the glass when it comes to hurricane windows. Super strong frames bend but don't break, helping keep the window secure during the heaviest winds. Weather stripping around the frame helps ensure that if the frame does bend, water and other debris won't come in between the frame and into your home.

Hurricane Windows Protect Your Home From Flooding and Mold

One of the worst types of damage a hurricane can inflict upon a house is flooding. Once the water has found a way in, it's impossible to control, putting your home in danger. Even if after the storm you're able to get rid of the water, your house remains at risk for mold. That could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars to remove. Tightly sealed hurricane windows prevent water and moisture from entering your home, keeping it safe both during and after the hurricane.

Hurricane Windows Can Help Prevent Theft

Hurricane windows are great preventative tools against the damaging effects of hurricanes, but they can also be used to help protect your home from theft. Their ultra-strong construction makes it extremely difficult for thieves to break into and enter your house through your windows. Having these windows installed throughout your house helps protect your entire home.

Hurricanes are devastating. The damage that they can inflict exacts huge emotional and financial tolls. By prepping your home before hurricane season begins with the best preventive measures available, you can save yourself a lot of money and peace of mind in the long run. If you're unsure how to protect your house this hurricane season or you're wondering if hurricane windows are for you, reach out to the team at USA Home Improvement at 844-468-7244. They can walk you through your options.