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Home Upgrades That Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

The tight real estate market of 2021-2022 saw prices rise as homeowners stayed put rather than putting their homes on the market. While things may cool down a bit as interest rates go up, South Florida homeowners may still choose to hunker down rather than uproot themselves, considering all the hassle and uncertainty of moving.

If you’ve been in your home for a decade or more, it can start to look a little worn and dated. Savings and generous home improvement financing options may enable you to update your home so you can enjoy it for many more years.

When you contemplate a home improvement project, the cost is often foremost in your mind. But as you think about designs, fixtures, and finishes, be sure to consider home upgrades that can lower your homeowner’s insurance rates.

Home Security

Improvements in home security can be as simple as adding deadbolt locks to your doors. But there are more elaborate projects too, like installing a monitored home security system featuring cameras, motion detecting lights, and door and window alarms.

Fire protection is also a form of home security. Upgrading your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors may result in discounts. Installing a home fire sprinkler system could lower your homeowner’s insurance rates even more.


New HVAC systems are more energy efficient, safer, and “greener” than older systems. They’re less likely to leak or cause electrical damage. Installing a new system can save you money on your energy bills as well as your homeowner’s insurance.

Upgraded Plumbing and Electric

Old pipes are more prone to leaks, and old wiring is a fire hazard. Upgrading your systems could result in insurance savings and make your home safer. Installing a leak detection system that shuts off your water when a leak is present also makes you a candidate for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Impact Windows and Doors

Florida homes within one mile of the coast or other areas prone to high winds or water may be required to install impact windows and doors. Even if you don’t live along the coast, reinforced windows and doors are a good idea—hurricanes are so large that they can span several states at once. Living in South Florida carries with it the reality of yearly storms. Installing new impact windows and doors simply makes sense.

New Roof

Old roofs can leak and are more prone to damage or even total destruction in a hurricane. Replacing your roof with a new one designed to better withstand hurricane-force winds can pay off in homeowner’s insurance discounts.

Ask Your Insurance Company Before You Begin Renovations

Some renovations will make your rates go up, not down. When you improve your home, you also increase its value. Before you start any home improvement project, ask your insurance company how it may affect your rates. This will help you decide which improvements are worth the money and which you can or should do without.