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Advantages of Installing Impact Windows and Doors in South Florida

Impact windows are ideal for optimizing hurricane protection. Those that live in South Florida agree that adding a few layers of glass can mean the difference between surviving the storm and suffering the major consequences. 

The impact-resistant glass withstands strong winds, flying debris, and rainfall, protecting your home from extreme damage. Tropical storms and hurricanes are hardly a match for the highest level of protective features provided by hurricane impact windows and doors.

There are also many advantages of installing impact windows that many are unaware of. Let’s take a look at all of the advantages of installing impact windows and if they are just what you need to optimize your safety, as well as your comfort.

Protection On Top of Protection:

It’s no secret that hurricane impact windows and doors offer an optimized level of hurricane protection. South Floridians have impact windows installed to prepare them for when the next major hurricane hits, protecting their homes and their loved ones.

Another excellent advantage of installing impact windows and doors in your home is protected from home intrusion. A burglar will be unable to shatter your hurricane impact windows or break down your impact door to gain entry into your home.

Hurricane impact windows and doors also protect against harmful U/V rays. U/V lights can also damage your furniture, artwork, and other valuable household items. Impact windows dramatically decrease the effects of UV light, keeping you, your loved ones, and your valuables safe.


Save On Energy Bills:

Your average home loses approximately 30% of its cooling and heating energy due to air leaks around your windows. According to an Energy Star study, switching from single-pane windows to impact windows can save you an upwards of $465 a year. 

You can keep your heat retained during the winter to stay warm, as well as your cooling system sustained during the hot, Summer season. Your energy bills will lower and you’ll receive an excellent return on investment as a result. Replace your current windows and doors with impact windows and doors to increase the energy efficiency of your home. 

Increases Your Home’s Value:

Impact windows offer significant windstorm protection, which has been widely recognized by many different insurance companies. Because of this, insurance companies may offer a discount of deduction on your insurance premiums. You may even qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate if you have best impact windows south Florida installed in your home.

Noise Reduction:

For those that live in crowded areas or loud neighborhoods, impact window installation is essential for “keeping the peace.” The South Florida heat and irritating outside noises can be unbearable, especially during the Summer season. best impact windows south florida are extremely resistant against strong heat waves and loud noises, allowing you to have some much-needed peace and quiet in the comfort of your home.

The Bottom Line:

There are several benefits of impact windows and doors. Between having optimized energy efficiency, superb protection, and increased value made to your home, the ROI is unmatched. Hurricane resistant impact windows and doors truly pay for themselves and provide much-needed peace of mind to homeowners everywhere.

Whether you live in South Florida, or anywhere else in the country, installing impact windows and doors is definitely a good call to make. There is no price tag on safety. Spending a little bit of money on securing the safety of your loved ones and valuables is an investment that you’ll never regret.

To learn more about hurricane best impact windows south Florida and doors, as well as the many benefits included in having them professionally installed, call USA Home Improvement. Our dedicated and experienced home improvement specialists will help you through your entire project.