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With a vision of an energy efficient Florida in mind, USAHI strives to give our customers impeccable services that turn their properties into sustainable structures of the future.


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USA Home Improvement is a trusted, licensed general contractor serving all of South Florida. We are all about providing homeowners quality home improvement services that are not only affordable but help save you money in the long run.

It’s our mission is to give our customers impeccable services that turn their properties into sustainable, energy efficient structures of the future!

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You’re probably wondering what makes us stand out from the rest. Aside from having an edge over other companies in the personal experience domain, it’s our effective communication and practices that ensure an amazing customer experience.

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Our certified and trained technicians have years of experience when it comes to South Florida home improvement.  As licensed Florida General Contractors, we can handle almost any kind of project! Contact USA Home Improvement today.

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We also offer a large selection of affordable a/c units, hurricane impact windows and doors, solar panels and much more. Our expert contractors can help you choose the best products & cooling system for your budget and needs.

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Unlike bigger corporations, our business is trust and relationship-oriented. this means you won’t have any trouble reaching out to us for help. Additionally, you’ll also be getting a significant return on investment when you upgrade your systems to help cut down utility bills.

Better Service. Better Interest Rates

We earned this Ygrene Elite Contractor status because of our dedication to our customers. With it we can offer our customers the most competitive rates in South Florida. See our recent induction ceremony with our friends at Ygrene.

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