Roofing Financing

Living in South Florida, your roof is always susceptible to damage, especially after a hurricane or tropical storm hits.

Roofing Financing

Living in South Florida, your roof is always susceptible to damage, especially after a hurricane or tropical storm hits. Harsh rainfall, heavy winds, and flying debris can wreak havoc on your rooftop. When your roof gets damaged, it can cause water stains and water damage to the interior of your home. 

In most cases, homeowners can’t afford a new roof once the damages start to set in. Unfortunately for these homeowners, they feel as if they can’t pay for the roof, so they neglect to do anything about it. We’re here to inform you that neglecting your leaky roof is the last thing that you should do. It’s imperative that you have your roof repaired immediately so that the damages don’t become worse over time and lead to other interior home damages.

Home improvement projects can get expensive if you’re not budgeting correctly. It’s important that you understand your financial situation, as well as your options for affording your roofing project so that you don’t break the bank. 

Roof leaks are just the beginning of a huge reconstruction project. It can get pretty expensive if you don’t have the right insurance. Luckily for you, USA Home Improvement has excellent roof financing options to help you pay for your roof repair project. 

We use PACE Financing, which offers affordable interest rates and low monthly payments. There is no application fee and no up-front out-of-pocket expenses. Your eligibility is based on your property’s equity, not your FICO score. Payments are made through your property tax and you can stretch out your payments with a plan that works for you (terms up to 25 years). 

PACE Financing is also government-endorsed to encourage investment in energy efficiency and wind-resistant measures. We are Ygrene Elite contractors and we use PACE Financing as a groundbreaking way to finance eligible home improvement projects. This is why we use PACE and why you should too.

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USA Home Improvement Loans

At USA Home Improvement, we offer PACE Financing for those that need a new roof replacement. PACE Financing eligibility also covers all of our other home improvement projects, including AC installation, impact windows, and more.

If you have equity built up in your home, then you can take out a home equity loan to pay for a new roof. All you have to do is look over your home equity lines of credit. To minimize the risk, you can borrow as little as possible to cover the cost of your new roof and to afford your monthly payments. 

A title 1 loan program and home improvement loan can provide you with a loan of up to $25,000! That’s a pretty decent number considering the expense of a new roof. 

At USA Home Improvement, we offer FACE Financing options with monthly payments & fixed interest rates so that you don’t have to borrow money. For your roof replacement needs, call us at (844) 468-7244

We believe that everyone deserves a new roof after being hit by a hurricane. We will work with you on your roofing project financing. Pay us back little by little or take out a loan to pay for it all at once. Let us help you pay for a new roof so that your home is no longer susceptible to future damages.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Options

There are several energy-efficient roofing options available that can help you cut home energy consumption. You should weigh your options and consider all of the factors for what exactly it is that you’re looking for. 

No matter what type of energy-efficient roofing that you’re looking for, our helpful and experienced roofers can help. We can help you determine the right roofing materials that are perfect for your home. When it comes to paying for these materials, check out our financing options. Just give us a call at (844) 468-7244.

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Everyone deserves a strong rooftop that will keep their home protected. Living in South Florida’s crazy weather conditions can cause damages over time, and it’s important that your rooftop is always in excellent condition to withstand weather conditions. The highly experienced and dedicated roofers at USA Home Improvement are committed to excellent customer service and support for everyone in the community.
Optimize on your home comfort and safety with USA Home Improvement. To schedule maintenance or repairs, call (844) 468-7244.

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