Savings With USA Home Improvement

Many homeowners approach the thought of going solar with skepticism, mainly because they feel like it would place a huge burden on their wallet. In actuality, you’re missing out on savings by not going switching to solar energy.

Since the costs of electricity are rising exponentially every year, it’s now or never folks; continuing to pay high costs of electricity is putting you and your bank account at a disadvantage.

Transition To Solar Without Higher Costs

If you’re a customer of USA Home Improvement does not have the funds to transition to solar power, there are plenty of financing options like PACE funding, that you can avail, so you don’t have to put up with the wait any longer. Also, don’t forget that a solar panel system will help generate savings as well.

Going Solar Adds To Equity

The value of your home can increase greatly if you have a moneymaking factor, such as a solar panel system, installed. Studies are proof of the fact that transitioning to solar panels leads to an increase in value by almost 4%! Also, homebuyers are actively seeking out solar homes, which make your home likely to be sold faster than the rest.

Solar Can Pay Off Your Entire Electricity Bill

If you have space on your roof to install enough of them, then solar panels will give you the benefit of paying off your entire bill. Once you book an appointment with USA Home Improvement, we’ll evaluate your electricity consumption based on your bill and recommend a system that suits your needs.

You’ll Be Getting Savings For Over 2 Decades

With a solar panel system installed by USA Home Improvement, you can get savings for almost 25 years if you keep the panels in good condition. Since it’s a renewable energy source, you’re also not subjected to fluctuating rates that will increase over time.

Reduce your energy bills with 100% financing for Home Improvement