Protect Your Home Against Hurricanes & Storms With The Best Hurricane Impact Windows.

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Window Replacement

How do you know if you need to replace your windows? Well, the answer lies within your windows themselves.
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Moisture Issues

Leaky windows can lead to serious water damage within your home. When excess water accumulates, it can cause hazardous mold and mildew, which points to a major problem.

Energy Efficiency

If your energy bills are high, it could be due to your window sealing. Installing impact windows can reduce sealing air leaks in the home, thus helping you to reduce your energy costs.


Older windows have a tendency to break down, making it more difficult to open or close your windows. This can be both dangerous and can cause air leaks that hinder window function.

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Residential Windows and Doors

Protecting your home is your first and foremost priority. We’ve built our company with a clear goal in mind – to provide best-in-class residential windows and doors for the communities that we serve. 

Based on your needs, priorities, location, and budget, we will install your windows and doors as quickly and affordably as possible. We only work with the highest quality windows and door manufacturers that offer maximum hurricane protection, energy-efficiency, and architectural appeal.

If you’re unsure of which product to choose for your home, we can provide as much guidance as needed to get you the best products with the best deals. We’ll help you to determine which product line is ideal for your needs and budget.


Energy Efficiency

Having hurricane-impact windows installed can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Insulating glass, laminated glass, and laminated insulating glass can contribute to decrease energy usage, as well as heating and cooling costs. 

The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires that windows should be impact-resistant or protected if the home is located within 1 mile off the coast where wind speeds are 110 mph or greater. South Florida homeowners should be aware of this rule, as well as the many benefits of having impact-resistant windows installed in their homes. 

The impact-resistant glass is ideal for withstanding destructive winds and harsh weather conditions. The glass is much more difficult to break since it’s designed to resist heavy blows from a hurricane or tropical storm. 

Impact-resistant windows can also lower your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you to save money. Many of the products that we use offer multiple opportunities to achieve Energy Star ratings, improving energy performance and efficiency even further.

The energy-savings features and benefits of hurricane-impact windows include:

  • Glass tints that are effective at reducing heat and harmful UV rays transmitted through your window. 
  • High-performance Low-E to deflect solar heat gain and reduce unwanted heat
  • Argon gas that helps to reflect outside heat and regulate the temperatures within your home. 

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, having impact-resistant windows and doors installed in your home can mean the difference between total chaos and peaceful order. Impact windows provide maximized hurricane protection, designed to withstand strong winds, rainfall, and flying debris.

Impact Windows Financing

Paying for Your New Energy Efficient Windows
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Benefits of Impact Windows

Hurricane Protection
The South Florida hurricane season can be brutal, wreaking havoc on your windows and leaving your home susceptible to water damage. Impact windows withstand the force of hurricanes, strong winds, and flying debris.
Noise Reduction
Like most people, you probably enjoy some peace and quiet at home. Designed to reduce everyday sounds that enter your home, impact windows can help you to keep the peace in a quiet living space.
Energy Savings
Impact windows are tightly sealed to prevent air leaks, meaning that the air from inside your home can’t travel to the outside. This energy-efficient solution reduces energy costs and your carbon footprint.
Insurance Benefits
With hurricane impact windows, you can potentially receive huge savings on insurance premiums and get approved for discounts. You can also increase the value of your home after installation.
Increased Security
Security is a priority that you never want to skimp out on. Protecting your home is essential. Impact windows have strong window materials to protect against burglars attempting to break into your home.

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