Maintenance & Support

Maintain your home’s safety while optimizing your comfort with regularly scheduled maintenance of your home improvement upgrades.

Do you need a routine maintenance service for your home improvement upgrades?

Maintain your home’s safety while optimizing your comfort with regularly scheduled maintenance of your home improvement upgrades.

USA Home Improvement Helps You Maintain Your Upgrades

After you have home improvement upgrades installed in your home, it’s important to maintain their condition. Without regular cleaning and maintenance practices, your upgrades can deteriorate over time, causing them to function poorly or even malfunction entirely.

Whether you have impact windows and doors, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating, solar panels, or a brand new roof, you could help to extend the lifespan of your upgrades through routine care and maintenance practices.

A few annual inspections and cleaning will help to keep your upgrades operating and functioning smoothly, keeping your home comfortable for longer. Let USA Home Improvement maintain the conditions of your home’s upgrades so that you can maintain your comfort while avoiding any costly repairs down the line.

Advice & Support

We will provide guidance, expert advice, and support on how to maintain your newly installed home improvement upgrades to ensure optimized comfort and efficiency.

Cleaning Services

Just like any surface of your home, your upgrades have to be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. Remember, a dirty upgrade is an unhappy upgrade.

Hardware Inspections

As part of our routine maintenance and care services, we check your weatherstrips, exam your finish, monitor exterior caulking, tighten screws, and inspect your hardware.
Tips For Safety

When performing routine care and maintenance, you must be aware of safety precautions. Remember to always wear protective safety attire and eyewear when conducting inspections of your upgraded equipment.

Also, if you decide to inspect, clean, or even repair something on your rooftop, always use extreme caution when climbing up a ladder. Wear tight-fitting sneakers to avoid slipping, and don’t perform this action after it has been raining.

For cleaning maintenance, use appropriate cleaning materials and supplies. If you are unsure as to which cleaning supplies to use, we will be sure to provide some guidance and support to ensure that you practice safe cleaning methods.

Cleaning Maintainance

Cleaning is an essential maintenance procedure that helps to extend the condition and overall lifespan of your upgrades. Your HVAC system, rooftop, impact windows & doors, and solar panels all need routine cleanings to ensure that they work effectively.

Cleaning your upgraded appliances will also help you to avoid any issues down the line. When cleaning your upgraded windows & doors, HVAC units, solar panels, or rooftops, always use proper cleaning materials, solutions, and supplies.

It’s not recommended to use abrasive cleaning solutions or materials, nor is it advisable to use scrapers or any other tools that may damage the exterior of your home improvement upgrades.

Always exercise special care when performing maintenance cleaning practices. Remember to clean thoroughly without being too rough with your methods. Treat your upgrades as if they were delicate, with slow, careful movements and actions.

Expert Advice & Support

Our professional, licensed, and insured contractors are highly experienced in the art and science of performing maintenance and care services. We know how to install your upgrades properly, as well as maintain them to extend the lifespan of your upgrades.

We provide expert advice, guidance, and support to all homeowners looking for education on how to properly maintain their upgrades.

We are available day or night to answer any questions that you may have about certain maintenance practices so that you’re always well informed.

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