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3 Signs That You Need To Repair Your AC Unit

There is nothing like coming home to a well-running AC unit that keeps your home cool. Stiff and humid air inside your home can signify that your AC is not working correctly. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable when inside your home, and the room temperature sets another comfort level. Whether you live alone, have a family, or like to have guests over, you want to have an AC unit that makes you feel relaxed at home.

Your AC unit has many different components that make it difficult to determine its issue. As a homeowner, you may have predicted that there was one minor issue with your AC unit but later find out that the damages are alot more severe than you thought. If you have been through that scenario, you know how daunting it can be to solve home repair issues.

Here are a few things that can hint that you need to replace your AC unit so that you don’t feel stuck in your sweat at home any longer.


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Foul Smell

Different foul smells can indicate your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Pay attention to the type of odor coming out of your unit, as it can help you find the root cause of your problems. If there is an electrical smell, there could be a problem with the air conditioner’s motor or wiring.

A musty order in your air conditioner could mean mold inside your duct or ac unit. Mold can be a severe problem that causes health issues and deter your home structure. Because of that, you should remove it immediately.


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High Energy Bill

After seeing your high energy bill, your go-to thoughts may be to lower your thermostat so that it won’t increase. However, this may not be a good solution to this problem. Dirty or damaged AC filters, leaking ducts, and outdated AC units can be the reason why your energy bill is increasing.

If you are not doing regular maintenance to your AC unit, it can be why your energy bill keeps going up. Start doing proper care to keep your home cool or warm without high energy bills.

Call USA Home Improvement if you have damaged AC filters or leaking ducts. We will do the proper repairs to keep your home ac unit running and save your pockets.


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Loud Noises

When your home AC unit is running, you should hear it lightly. Loud noises like banging, knocking, or clanking can signify something wrong with your AC unit. Your AC unit fan or blade can be loose, causing it to collide with other unit parts.

A clicking noise can be more challenging to determine the issue because it can be multiple incidents. If you hear clicking when the AC unit is running, there may be an object inside the fan. On the other hand, if your ac unit is clicking and won’t turn on, you could be dealing with an electrical issue resulting from the thermostat, capacitor, or compressor problems.

Give us a call if you are experiencing any of these problems with your AC unit. Our technicians will get to residents right away to repair or replace your AC unit.