Frequently Asked Questions

At USA Home Improvement, we aim to provide amazing service every time. To do that, we need to make sure that our customers know about our services before calling us in. For this reason, we’ve posted some of the most common questions that customers often approach us with.


How do I know if my house doesn’t have enough ventilation?

In a home, inadequate ventilation is indicated by irregularly high amounts of condensation that can appear on surfaces like walls and ceilings. If your ventilation isn’t working well enough for a long time, then surging energy bills and growth of mold can indicate that it’s time to call in a serviceperson.

Can I make money from switching to solar power?

Well, we’re not lying when we say that you will, but your eligibility to earn tax credits depends on a number of factors. The state of your roof, amount of sunshine it gets and the position of your home all contribute as eligibility points. You can call in one of our experts if you’d like to learn more.

PACE Program and Financing

How many solar panels will I need?

There isn’t an objective number of solar panels assigned to every household because it’s not based on how much sunlight your area gets. It actually depends on how self-sustainable you want your home to be.

When should I replace my insulation?

There’s no fixed time as to when you should, checking for signs of inadequate insulation can signal that it’s time for repairs. In other cases, if your home is older than the 1970s or you haven’t gotten the insulation replaced since then, then it might be time to call us in for an evaluation.

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