ac capacitor having problems

When you turn on your AC during brutally hot summer days, you expect it to turn on without issue. Most of the time, that’s what happens. Sometimes when you turn it on, however, the air conditioner trips your circuit breaker and blows a fuse. If your air conditioner is blowing a fuse every time you turn it on, you need to get to the root of the problem immediately.

Your air conditioner blowing a fuse could be a benign issue that requires a minor tweak to fix, or it could be a sign of a more serious problem at play that could put your entire household in danger. The experts at USA Home Improvement can help you get to the bottom of the issue, but it’s helpful for you to know why ACs blow fuses in the first place. Being armed with that knowledge puts you in a better position to immediately take action when issues arise. If you need immediate assistance, view our service areas and contact USA Home Improvement at (844) 468-7244.

Continually Tripped Breakers Represent Electrical Problems

When your circuit breaker trips, it means that there’s an electrical problem at work. When your home electrical system is always overloaded, it could end up damaging your wiring and appliances by wearing them out over time. Worn down electrical wiring also puts your house at risk for fire, so dealing with the problem ASAP is critical.

Things That Could Make Your AC Blow a Fuse

There are several reasons that your home’s AC unit could constantly be blowing a fuse. Some of those reasons include the following:

Electrical Connections Are Loose. The breaker box has electrical connections that may loosen during constant use or changes in temperature. When the weather gets colder or warmer, the wires contract or expand, loosening the connection.

The Filter Is Dirty. When your filter is dirty, your air conditioner has to work harder to force cold air through the unit by exerting a lot of pressure on your system. Once it becomes overworked, the fuse will eventually blow. Cleaning the filter should resolve the issue.

The Capacitor Isn’t Working Correctly. Your AC’s capacitor regulates the amount of electricity that flows through the unit. When that AC capacitor is broken or isn’t working properly, it can’t control the amount of electricity, which can lead to it blowing a fuse.

The Condenser Fan Is Damaged. The condenser fan is the part of the AC that blows cool air over the condenser coils. If the fan is broken, it won’t be able to cool the coils properly. The unit will have to work harder to cool your home, ultimately blowing a fuse.

The Unit Doesn’t Have Enough Refrigerant. The refrigerant in your AC helps cool the air. When there isn’t enough refrigerant, it has to work that much harder. If the unit must exert more power, there’s a danger of it blowing a fuse. Low refrigerant levels require a professional fix.

Too Many Appliances Are on One Breaker. If you have too many appliances on one circuit breaker, the breaker is going to trip. Your air conditioner consumes a ton of power, and if there are other appliances on the same breaker, you’re going to have a lot of blown fuses. Make sure the AC is on its own dedicated breaker.

Summing It All Up

There are many reasons that your unit could be constantly tripping your breaker. Don’t take this problem lightly. Give the experts at USA Home Improvement a call at (844) 468-7244 so that they can assess your breaker issue and help you keep your AC running smoothly.