ac making noises

Is Your AC Unit Noisier Than Normal?

If your AC makes noise when you turn it on, it’s probably causing you concern. It’s sweltering outside in South Florida, and all you can think about is getting home and sitting in your cool, quiet house as your air conditioning unit kicks in and gets to work on blanketing your space with fresh, chilled air. You sit down with your iced lemonade, put on some jazz, lean back, close your eyes and proceed to be bombarded with the percussion section of the Florida Philharmonic as the AC kicks on. Not good!

What Are These Noises Coming from My Air Conditioner?

Your heart sinks once again as you come to terms with the fact that your AC unit makes a loud noise when starting. You know that an AC making noise in and of itself is not unusual. Most AC’s make some sort of sound when starting up. Those sounds are just a normal part of its operation, but the noises you hear are different. This noise could be anything from loud banging to screeching or squealing noises to disquieting humming or rattling sounds.

These noises usually mean that something is amiss, and “amiss” often means “an expensive repair issue on the horizon.” The sooner you deal with the issue, the sooner you can get back to listening to jazz and drinking lemonade! If you need immediate assistance, call the Fort Lauderdale AC repair team at USA Home Improvement, (844) 468-7244.

The following are sounds that your AC could be making, what they may mean, and how they may be able to be fixed.

Is Your AC Screaming?

AC systems can make screaming sounds, as strange as this may sound. It’s usually high-pitched screaming sound that generally happens outside of the air conditioning unit when the unit is first turned on. As if the noise itself is not disconcerting enough, it usually goes on to last for about 15 seconds before it turns off. You may also experience the system turning itself off and on.

If this is what’s going on with your unit, you’re most likely dealing with a failing compressor. There’s probably a ton of pressure building up inside of the unit, which then results in compressor failure. The thing is that tension mounting in your unit is not something to play around with. It could be dangerous, so if you notice the screaming, turn off the unit, and contact USA Home Improvement to repair it immediately. The only chilling thing that should be coming from your AC unit is air.

Is Your AC Buzzing?

There are several reasons an air conditioning unit could have a buzzing sound.

  • A buzzing sound often means that there’s some sort of electrical issue with your AC unit. It could be the result of something called electrical arcing, a breakdown that happens when electricity jumps back and forth between circuitry.
  • A failing compressor is one of the main reasons that you could hear your AC making noise. The compressor is the part of the unit that cools and pressurizes the refrigerant. When it’s not working correctly, it often makes a buzzing sound.
  • The isolation feet on your AC could have become damaged over time. The isolation feet are the tiny feet that sit at the base of the AC unit. As they age, they break down and make the compressor unbalanced. If this happens, the fact that the unit is not level can cause it to make a buzzing sound.
  • Loose parts inside your unit may cause the unit to buzz when in use.

Your AC Is Rattling

If you hear a rattling sound, that usually means that something inside the unit has become dislodged or loosened.

Your AC Is Making a Humming Sound

If you hear a humming sound in your AC, most likely your starting capacitor could be on the brink. The humming noise may also be a result of the motor beginning to fail.

There are many different reasons that an AC unit could be making weird sounds, as evidenced by the above list. The thing is, dealing with the issue sooner rather than later can help you nip the problem in the bud and prevent even more costly repair issues down the road. For all your HVAC needs, contact USA Home Improvement.