indoor air quality

The Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Whenever we think about air pollution, we imagine vast clouds of smog hanging over cities and spewing out from factories. What we tend not to think about is how this pollution affects us when we’re indoors. Air quality in South Florida is pivotal to human health, and as we spend so much of our time […]

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ductwork leaking air

5 Ways to Tell if Your Ductwork is Leaking Air

Heating and cooling systems are a quintessential part of a comfortable home experience. Regardless of how extreme the weather is, a high-quality system will ensure perfect climate control at the touch of a finger. Of course, leaks and air loss are an ever-present risk to the energy efficiency of your home. The best way to […]

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duct sizing

Proper Duct Sizing for Your Home or Office

The process of sizing ducts is not an educated guess. There are guidelines and considerations to consider to ensure an HVAC system delivers maximum energy efficiency and airflow. Plus, improper commercial or residential duct sizing will only lead to problems for your system down the road. Heating and cooling is a sizeable part of your […]

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hvac unit in attic

How Does My HVAC System Work?

Your HVAC system is a sophisticated collection of intricately moving parts that work together to help keep your house comfortable all year round. Each part from the largest to the smallest has a unique function in cooling hot air. When you call the experts at USA Home Improvement, you’re calling professionals who are 100% knowledgeable […]

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ac capacitor having problems

Why is My Air Conditioner Tripping My Breaker?

When you turn on your AC during brutally hot summer days, you expect it to turn on without issue. Most of the time, that’s what happens. Sometimes when you turn it on, however, the air conditioner trips your circuit breaker and blows a fuse. If your air conditioner is blowing a fuse every time you […]

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