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As the season changes and the days become longer and sunnier, it’s time to revel in the sunshine and fresh air. While nature is cleaning the air outside, you may want to clean the air inside your home as well. Throughout the year, stale smells, pollutants, and allergens can build up in the house, creating a musty odor that seems to stick around even after you’ve thrown open all the windows. This is often a sign that an air duct cleaning is in order. USA Home Improvement helps homeowners with duct cleaning so that their home smell fresh and clean. But, you might be wondering, what exactly does an air duct cleaning entail?

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Professional air duct cleaning removes dust, pollutants, odors, and mold from the pipes and air ducts of your heating and cooling systems. Not only does this enable your home to circulate fresh, clean air, but it also helps prevent conditions like heavy allergies and summer colds from ruining your days. The areas to be cleaned include your system’s grills and diffusers, the condensate drain pans, the air handling unit housing, and the fan motor and its housing. Additionally, having your dryer ducts cleaned is arguably just as important! It’s essential to make sure that the entire system is cleaned. Not cleaning the entire system could result in certain areas becoming contaminated.

Who Should Perform the Duct Cleaning?

It’s best to have a professional air duct cleaner like USA Home Improvement conduct the cleaning. Companies certified by an organization called the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) are a good choice.

When Should You Consider Doing Duct Cleaning?

Several circumstances should prompt you to consider air duct cleaning:

  • You can see visible mold inside of the ducts.
  • You haven’t cleaned the ducts in over three years.
  • You suspect that there are pests inside the ducts.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

  1. The air duct cleaner will arrive at your home and check the ducts to see how extensive the job is. During the inspection process, the cleaner may have to drill holes into the ductwork. They’ll also be keeping an eye out for things like damage to the ducts.
  2. The cleaner will use a powerful vacuum to suck out all the debris from your ducts. This is not an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It’s a large, powerful vacuum connected to a motor vehicle like a truck, although there are handheld options available for hard-to-reach areas.
  3. The cleaner then inserts manual or motorized brushes into the ducts via intakes and vents. Once inside, the brushes will do an intense scrubbing, removing the bits of debris and dirt that are blocking the piping.
  4. The cleaner will clean out the heating and cooling unit so that the air is clean and fresh when it runs.
  5. Your cleaner may also decide to use chemical biocides, which can destroy microbiological contaminants. They may also apply a chemical treatment to the inside of the ducts to help prevent further growth of mold.
    Once everything is clean, the cleaner will seal everything up and make sure that the vent covers are wiped down and spotless.

To keep your home smelling fresh and clean while removing pollutants from the air, professionals recommend that you get your air ducts cleaned every few years. When was the last time you had them checked? If you’re unsure if your system is due for a cleaning, reach out to the team at USA Home Improvement at 844-468-7244. They can do a complete assessment and let you know your options.