ac smells like skunk

Oh No, My Air Conditioner Stinks

What in the world are you supposed to do when your A/C smells like a skunk? There are few situations more embarrassing than turning on your air conditioning unit with a home full of guests, and within minutes, your home starts to fill with the foulest odor. Everyone looks around, quiet and awkward as you stammer nervously and make uncomfortable chatter about air conditioners and your dog Stu and anything else you can think of at the top of your head.

Is Something Wrong With My AC Unit?

Here at USA Home Improvement, we know that on top of being embarrassing, foul odors coming out of your air conditioning system usually signify that something is wrong. It may be a big issue requiring an expert AC repair technician, or it may be something you can deal with on your own.

You have to get to the source of the issue to eradicate the smell. The first thing you should realize is that your AC can emit a host of different types of unpleasant odors. While you may be dealing with an odor that smells like a skunk, your best friend may be dealing with an odor that smells like rotten eggs. Each odor means something different, and knowing what each scent means can help you eliminate the issue and get your fresh, sweet-smelling home back.

Your Air Conditioner Smells Like a Skunk

If your air conditioner smells like a skunk when you turn it on, take it seriously. You could have some sort of a gas leak that’s making its way through your system’s air ducts. Methyl mercaptan is usually the culprit when it comes to gas that distinctly smells like a skunk. Once this gas gets into the air of your house, you and your family are at risk. The minute that you smell it you should get out of the house and call your gas company. Then contact USA Home Improvement so that we can come and resolve the issue!

Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

If fluids leak out of different parts of your air conditioner like the engine, the unit may end up smelling like exhaust fumes. A leak inside the unit is never a good thing, so if you’re dealing with it, call your HVAC company to come and inspect it.

Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Feet

Just as bad as an AC system that smells like a skunk is an AC system that smells like feet. Some people may even say the smell is worse because there’s more of a likelihood that people will think the smell is coming from your feet! AC’s that smell like feet are usually ones that are clogged up. Water is sitting in the unit because it can’t drain. The sitting water eventually begins to smell, causing the funky foot fumes. It takes clearing the clog and professional cleaning to resolve the issue.

Your Air Conditioner Smells Sweet

You may be thinking, “What’s the problem with an AC smelling sweet? Don’t we want our systems to smell sweet?” Yes, you want your systems to smell fresh and clean. If your AC has an actual sweet smell, the worst case scenario is that there’s carbon monoxide in the air. The sweet smell may also come from mold that’s stuck in the vents or growing in the cooling coil or drain pan.

Your AC Smells Like Mildew

There’s nothing quite like the pungent smell of mildew to ruin your cooling experience. If you smell a mildew smell, you most likely have mold or mildew growing inside of your unit. The AC works by draining moisture out of the air. If the AC has an issue that makes it impossible to dispense of that moisture, it accumulates in the unit, eventually causing mold and mildew. Dirty filters can also cause that smell.

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