Common Symptoms of a Bad Wall Thermostat

Is Your Thermostat Going Bad?

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and finding that your home is sweltering. You’re miserable, and you can’t seem to get the house back down to a reasonable temperature. If this happens to you, call USA Home Improvement at (844) 468-7244.

It’s never good living in a home where you can’t seem to regulate the temperature. You might be sweating or freezing. But no matter how you adjust the thermostat, it doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

It could mean you have a bad thermostat. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your HVAC system needs an expensive repair. At least not until you’ve evaluated your thermostat to make sure it’s not the problem.

There are several ways in which your thermostat can go bad and a few ways for you to tell on your own whether that may be the problem or not. It’s a much cheaper repair than an HVAC repair. Here are some of the most common symptoms of a bad wall thermostat.

Your Air Conditioner or Heater Won’t Start

It could be something as simple as a loose connection. A defect in your wiring could be causing your thermostat to lose its connection with your HVAC system. It could also cause your thermostat to misread temperatures, which leaves you to continually adjust the temperature in your home with no relief at all.

Reconnecting the wire may be the most straightforward solutions to your faulty thermostat. While you should never attempt to reconnect the wiring on your own, a professional may take only minutes to evaluate the issue and fix it for you.

Air Conditioner Is Always Running

If your air conditioner doesn’t turn off, even after it’s reached the desired temperature in your home, it could be a sign that your thermostat is broken. If your thermostat can’t detect the temperature of your home, it won’t shut off after the desired temperature is reached.

This problem could mean a simple wire reconnection is all you need to get it back up and running. If the wires aren’t connected correctly, it can affect the way your thermostat detects temperature.

New Batteries Didn’t Fix the Issue

So you’ve already determined that your thermostat isn’t working, and you’ve changed the batteries hoping that would help. However, it’s still not working, and you just threw away some perfectly good batteries.

Not to worry. If this happens, it may just mean you need a new thermostat. Replacing your thermostat should fix the issue and have you back to normal in no time.

Temperatures Fluctuate Throughout Your Home

If it’s a different temperature in your bedroom than it is in the kitchen, it may mean that your thermostat isn’t working correctly. Variations in temperature throughout your home mean your thermostat is switching the HVAC system off and on when it shouldn’t.

When this happens, the room that is farthest away from the unit will not get the distribution of air it needs and will not be the desired temperature.

No Power to the Thermostat

Your thermostat might not be getting power. A lack of energy is one of the most telltale signs of a malfunctioning thermostat. Things to look for would be an unresponsive interface, an unlit display, or no change in your home’s temperature after you adjust the temperature lever on the unit.

All technology has problems at some point. So, if you think there may be a problem with your thermostat, give USA Home Improvement a call at (844) 468-7244 for a consultation. Fixing your thermostat could be the affordable solution you need, rather than an expensive HVAC repair.