man installing hurricane window

How Strong Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Why You Should Consider Hurricane Windows Every year, hurricanes bring devastating damage to homes across the country. The ones that survive have been properly prepped for the storms. People use many approaches to protect their houses from hurricane damage. One of the most critical tasks is to protect your windows. Some people board up their […]

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dirty dryer vent

Do I Need to Have My Dryer Duct Cleaned?

We use our washers and dryers constantly. Whether your family is large or small, you use these appliances to ensure your clothes are clean and fresh. Most people know to occasionally give their washing machine a thorough cleaning to prevent smells. They may also be on top of making sure that their dryer’s lint trap […]

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ac leak

What to Do If Your AC Unit is Leaking Outside

My AC Unit Is Leaking There’s not much worse than the sight of your AC unit leaking outside underneath your system’s condenser unit. A leaking air conditioner unit means that there’s a serious issue going on. Learning how to deal with that issue or what to do if it happens to you is critical. The […]

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air ducts

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

As the season changes and the days become longer and sunnier, it’s time to revel in the sunshine and fresh air. While nature is cleaning the air outside, you may want to clean the air inside your home as well. Throughout the year, stale smells, pollutants, and allergens can build up in the house, creating […]

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ac capacitor

How to Tell if Your AC Unit Capacitor is Bad

Troubleshooting You AC Capacitor If you’re knowledgeable enough to be looking for bad A/C capacitor symptoms, you already have an idea of what may be wrong with your system. There’s nothing worse than an air conditioner that doesn’t work when you need it to. The AC is not one of those household appliances that when […]

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ac making noises

Why Is My AC Unit Making Noise?

Is Your AC Unit Noisier Than Normal? If your AC makes noise when you turn it on, it’s probably causing you concern. It’s sweltering outside in South Florida, and all you can think about is getting home and sitting in your cool, quiet house as your air conditioning unit kicks in and gets to work […]

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Home Improvement 101

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning By replacing your outdated air conditioning system with a new unit, USA Home Improvement can help you save on utilities because of their energy-efficient features like better compressors, effective coils for heat exchange and high-powered blowers. Solar Panels By incorporating solar panels into the design of your home, USA Home Improvement help […]

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