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A lot of older homes have window units, radiators, boilers, and other alternatives to central air. Upgrading your system may seem like a huge task, but USA Home Improvement has the skills and know-how to get the job done. Call (844) 468-7244 for more information.

Sure, adding new central air conditioning and the ductwork that goes with it can be a large investment. But it’s well worth the cost of replacing your old, inefficient air conditioning with a new system that can save you some money and make you more comfortable.

Home Evaluation

Once you select us as your contractor, we will walk through and evaluate your home to compile the information we need for the job. That includes looking at the structure of the home and doing a load calculation to see how big your new HVAC system needs to be.

We will look at the home’s insulation to see how tightly it’s packed, and we’ll identify drafty doors and window frames so we can do a better job at the time of installation. We may also recommend sealing leaks before the job is done to make your new HVAC system work better.

New Ductwork

If your home has never had central air conditioning before, you likely don’t have the ductwork in place to accommodate such a system. The first thing we’ll do is install the ductwork your home needs to circulate air efficiently.

If you have old ducts that are leaky or worn out, we will replace them so your new system will work the way it’s supposed to.

The biggest challenges we’re presented with when installing new ductwork is a lack of space. Sometimes we have to get creative with where to store the indoor unit. It could be in the attic, the basement, or a roomy closet.

Upgraded Electrical Systems

If your home’s electrical system is old, we may need to update the wiring to accommodate the power that a new HVAC system will draw. Some old electrical systems can’t handle the higher load.

This extra step takes more time but is critical to doing the job right the first time without damaging your home or putting you at risk. If you upgrade to a central air conditioning system, it could take two to three days. But if the electrical systems need to be updated first, it will take longer.

Be prepared for the interruption, because the finished product will be well worth the cost and the wait.

The Cost of Central Air Conditioning

Cost is the biggest factor when you’re thinking about upgrading your old home to a central air conditioning system. If you already have the ductwork in place, it will be much easier, go much faster, and cost a lot less.

If you need ductwork or upgrades to your electrical system, it will take more time and cost more money. Sometimes it costs more than double what it would if we don’t have to upgrade these other components first.

Your price can also fluctuate based on the size of the unit you need. Larger units cost more money, but you’ll likely save on your energy bills over the long term. Some systems can even be fitted with air purifiers or humidifiers if you have problems with the air quality in your home.

Other Considerations

You might also want to think about retaining your home’s character. If you have an older home with crown moldings or high ceilings, installing ductwork may mean lowering your ceilings or creating boxed corners.

The other alternative is installing your central air through the floor, which requires cutting holes in the floor.

You have a lot to think about, but if you want to upgrade your home and its value by installing central air conditioning, give USA Home Improvement a call at (844) 468-7244.