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USA Home Improvement provides exceptional air duct sealing services for homeowners and businesses throughout South Florida.

Improve Efficiency With HVAC Duct Sealing

Are you experiencing high electric bills or poor airflow? Your ductwork might be leaking and you may need a quality air duct sealing service!

A failing HVAC duct system can lead to some of the most significant energy expenses at any type of property. It is essential to make sure your property is as energy efficient as possible to increase savings without sacrificing comfort.

Air ducts are one of the most integral parts of any HVAC system. Poorly sealed or constructed ducts can result in leaks and higher energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, many heating and cooling systems only operate at 60 to 75 percent efficiency because of improper airflow.

Regardless of the design or material used in your air ducts, our team has the knowledge and experience to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Feel the difference USA Home Improvement and energy efficiency can make in your life by calling (844) 468-7244 today.


Benefits of Duct Sealing

The most immediate benefits of proper air duct sealing are comfort and saving money. The two go hand in hand as proper sealing reduces the amount of energy the HVAC system needs to use to heat or cool your home. As less energy is required, energy bills subsequently go down as well.

A properly designed and functioning duct system also benefits the environment. When a home requires power plants to burn fewer fossil fuels, there is less air pollution. This effect even helps minimize a home’s contribution to smog, acid rain, and global warming.

Better AC duct sealing means better air quality too. When an air duct system is at its most effective, it can reduce the risk of airborne pollutants that contribute to asthma and allergies. Additionally, AC duct sealing reduces “back-drafting,” which occurs when the combustion fumes of gas-powered appliances like dryers and furnaces leak into the ventilation system.

Duct System Testing

A comprehensive duct system test is the first step to figure out where there are potential weaknesses and leaks in your current HVAC units. This process involves sealing off the entire ventilation system and then pressurizing it so that everything is airtight. Once pressurized, finding potential leaks is a snap.

Our air duct specialists begin the test by closing all the vents in the home. That way, the only place that air can escape is through the leaks in the ducts. A vacuum is then attached near the heating and cooling system and pressurized.

Our team will be able to determine the location and magnitude of the leaks depending on the results. Once they have figured out the scope of the air loss, they will move along the ducts and pinpoint the exact locations of the leaks. Depending on the size and severity of the hole, repairs can be as simple as metallic tape or duct coating.

Improving Your Existing Ductwork

Hiring our specialists to properly install, maintain, and repair your air ducts is the most efficient way to improve your property’s efficiency. Our high levels of precision and diverse tool kit give us the ability to fix any problem we encounter.

There are other ways to improve your air duct sealing beyond traditional repairs too. Thanks to live HVAC system testing, you can accurately assess your duct’s efficiency and determine whether you need repair or to replace your existing ductwork. According to estimates, custom repairs can improve typical HVAC system performance by as much as 85 percent.

Modern technology has also bequeathed homeowners with a wealth of duct system upgrades for better performance and monitoring. For instance, airflow and static pressure diagnostics can determine if inefficient airflow is a result of poor installation or undersized ducts, rather than leaks. Similarly, variable fan speeds can improve airflow in your pipes and enhance system efficiency.

Choosing The Right Duct Sealing Company

If you are experiencing higher than usual energy bills or poor temperature control, contact USA Home Improvement to learn more about the best duct sealing methods for your home or commercial building.

Since opening our business, we have repair and installed many HVAC systems across the state of Florida. Our expertly trained and highly skilled specialists will ensure you get total energy efficiency while being green and saving green.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling. Be able to relax in comfort with quality air, even on the most sweltering summer days. Call USA Home Improvement at (844) 468-7244 and discover what our air duct sealing services can do for you.


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