About USA Home Improvement

As a licensed and insured Florida General Contractor (#CGC1526707), our objective is to meet the growing needs for energy and demand for affordable solar power systems without compromising on the quality and performance which homeowners and businesses deserve.

usa home improvement team

Our Vision and Mission

Starting out as an individual engineering practice, USA Home Improvement is now a brand in the solar and HVAC services field that aspires to make the process of ‘going solar’ achievable for everyone. Based in South Florida, our company has been helping customers in the area realize their energy goals.

With a vision of a solar-powered society in mind, we strive to give our customers impeccable facilities that turn their houses into sustainable structures of the future. Our integrity, experience, and hard work are tools of the trade in a business such as ours, and we aim to use them to the full extent.

Why use USA Home Improvement?

Aside from being a family-based business, there are plenty of reasons why we’re the best people to entrust your energy systems with.

Save Money

Saving money is a big part of making solar power as your main source of energy because it’s not powered by fossil fuels. Plus, if your solar panels produce extra electricity, it can be sold to the grid so you can make money.

Finance Your Solar Energy System

With USA Home Improvement, you don’t have to wait for the money to install a solar panel system because we offer plenty of financing options. With multiple funding options to choose from, you can rest easy with and enjoy low utility bills.

We Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Aside from helping you save on that electricity bill, USA Home Improvement offers HVAC services that allow you to conserve whatever energy you produce. Additionally, our insulation repairs and installations can give you the chance to strike the ideal balance between ventilation and insulation.

Reduce your energy bills with 100% financing for Home Improvement